Of course, yes. As one of the best software programs in the market, PC Cleaner Pro is loaded with all the tools your system needs. It takes a one-click approach to making your PC run faster by:
• Tweaking your entire system to help boost your PC speed and overall system performance;
• Optimizing your system’s Windows registry; and
• Cleaning up your system to remove malware, accumulated system clutter files as well as other unnecessary files that make your PC slower among others.
With PC Cleaners Pro’s efficient scanning technology, it will effectively scan your Windows registry, finds incorrect or outdated information and fix them. By fixing those missing information in your Windows registry, your PC will operate faster and error free. PC cleaners Pro will provide full support to your PC. It will prevent any system problems and if there are any issues with your system, it acts on them instantly. By so doing, it keeps your PC well protected, optimized and super fast. Voila! Isn’t that what you need?