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Privacy Protection

The PC Cleaners Pro is specially designed to protect your private data, by cleaning up all unwanted history data from your PC which might put you at risk, such as identity theft.

System Optimizer

The PC Cleaner System Optimizer is the fastest way to manage your system settings just at once. It basically works by managing your system settings so that the PC works faster.

Clean Your System

If you regularly use your PC, without any doubt, you will accumulate lots of system clutter. By removing these files, you can increase the performance & stability of your PC.


PC Cleaners PRO safely scans Windows registry, and detect the incorrect or obsolete information. It fixes the missing information in Windows registry and makes your PC run faster and error-free.

Boost Your PC’s Speed

PC Cleaners tweaks the entire system that helps to boost the speed and overall system performance of your PC. Then, you can have faster downloads, uploads, web surfing and lots more. recommended you always use some good PC cleaning software to maintain your computer’s efficiency.

Removes Malware

Malware can steal information and might cause permanent damage to your PC. The PC Cleaners Pro's effective scanning technology will remove malware from your computer instantly.

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Verified Reviews

Had some crazy stuff happening on my PC and now it's cleared. Thank you so much.
rosham pv

rosham pv

Thank you

I have found that PC Cleaner keeps my computer operating at peak performance. It does a good job of cleaning out all of the junk files...


I am well pleased....

The PC Cleaner does its job quickly and effectively. It gets rid of unnecessary start-up items that bog down normal PC performance and is extremely easy to use.
Kent M.

Kent M.

Great Application

Did everything that I needed, my PC runs nice and smooth and cleared up a lot of space for me! I recommend it for anyone with a slow computer!


Works amazing

This program worked like a champ on my PC! I would recommend the program to E V E R Y O N E.


PC Cleaner is efficient and simple to us


Is your PC troubling you, most especially when it comes to your PC’s operating software? Are you tired of having your computer running slowly? Then PC cleaners pro are a solution designed specifically to handle your exact problem.

One the several questions that most PC owners ask is, why is it important to use a registry cleaner or a PC cleaner program on a regular basis? To answer this question, it is essential you fully understand how a PC registry functions. The registry contains information that is vital to all programs and applications that reside on every PC. These ranges from your business applications, network connectivity, entertainment and even something as complex as AutoCAD, they all depend on the registry to survive.

Although antivirus and antispyware are good as a frontline defense for your PC, sometimes they are being maneuvered by viruses, spyware, worms or malware. Even the very expensive of these antivirus and antispyware are attacked on daily basis by new and more complex viruses and malware. Although these viruses and malware are later detected and removed, they would have wrecked severe havoc on your system such as Rundll errors, system crashes, program conflicts, system slowdowns among others. Even after their removal, what about the damages they have done? This is why you need a reliable registry cleaner. But with all sorts of registry cleaners out there, you have to take caution when selecting a PC cleaner so as not to add more problems to your PC.

PC cleaners pro is a reliable and effective registry cleaner that will clean up your registry of all mess created by viruses and malware, rectifies the invalid entries made by bad program installations, re-indexes, and fragmented data, avoid slowdowns as well as computer restarts. Its accuracy in identifying and detecting certain errors in your system and having them repaired immediately and in the most reliable manner possible is one of the features that make PC cleaner pro the best registry cleaner. It includes a star tip organizer, backup and full registry computer recovery and also has auto scanning capability.

PC cleaners pro come in small, extremely affordable packages that are integral to the survival of your computer. Computer maintenance is a tricky issue and the importance of using PC cleaners pro should never be overlooked. For the best PC cleaner pro services and for any inquiries you have, contact us.

Scheduling a scan is dependent upon the usage of your system. We suggest scheduling a scan at least once every week if you are very active on your system. We also suggest that you run a scan after removing programs or if your system’s performance seems slow.

Getting Started with PC Cleaners

Before cleaning starts, PC Cleaner’s first step is creating a backup. This is done automatically!
To clean your computer:
• On PC Cleaner main screen you have the option to check which sections you want to scan.
• Optionally, select the items you wish to scan (everything is checked automatically).
• Click on Start Scan. You will see a progress bar plus a list of possible issues.
• Once the scan is completed, you can review the list of issues.
• You can see a comprehensive view of all issues discovered when you click on “Edit”
• Click on “Fix All” to initiate cleaning and repairs. (Note: If you use the “diagnose and scan model”, you will get a message to buy before you can start to clean. However, if you are using the fully activated 30-day trial version cleaning will start immediately.

Clean and speed up your PC in 3 steps:
1. Download PC Cleaner Pro and Install
2. Launch PC cleaners PRO and it will automatically spot Your PC’s Errors and Security risks
3. With Just 1-Click, fix & Restore your Computer Performance and Speed

You can download PC cleaners PRO here. For more details about PC cleaners pro services, do not hesitate to contact us.

Yes. PC Cleaners Pro performs better than other available PC cleaners. To back this up, several 3rd party testing companies have compared PC Cleaners Pro with those of other industry leaders like Norton, AVG |PC Cleaner, Reg Clean Pro, Tuneup, and it was found to be exactly right in boosting system’s performance.
If you are in doubt, Click here if you desire to see our latest comparison report

PC cleaner scans thousands of files in your system registry and identifies the various issues that may slow down your PC. Thereafter, it solves them one by one, making your old computer work as efficiently as new.

Of course, yes. As one of the best software programs in the market, PC Cleaner Pro is loaded with all the tools your system needs. It takes a one-click approach to making your PC run faster by:
• Tweaking your entire system to help boost your PC speed and overall system performance;
• Optimizing your system’s Windows registry; and
• Cleaning up your system to remove malware, accumulated system clutter files as well as other unnecessary files that make your PC slower among others.
With PC Cleaners Pro’s efficient scanning technology, it will effectively scan your Windows registry, finds incorrect or outdated information and fix them. By fixing those missing information in your Windows registry, your PC will operate faster and error free. PC cleaners Pro will provide full support to your PC. It will prevent any system problems and if there are any issues with your system, it acts on them instantly. By so doing, it keeps your PC well protected, optimized and super fast. Voila! Isn’t that what you need?

If your PC has been in use for some years now, you will probably be seeing some critical issues and problems in it. Well, this happens with all computers and it could happen for several reasons. For instance, over time, PC components break down, the software turns obsolete and dust accumulates in cooling fans. All this prevents your system from operating the way it is meant to. And just like humans, your PC begins to age. In fact, your PC needs not to be old, to slow down. Furthermore, with regular usage, your PC is constantly accessing the Windows Registry. The registry keeps track of all programs installed on the system and contains thousands of configuration data files which prompt your PC to run the way it does. When it is cluttered with junk files, the PC slows down, crashes and is exposed to viruses. Temporary Internet files can also cause your PC to slow down.

To improve your PC’s efficiency and performance, it is important you clean your PC. Just like you, your PC needs cleansing. If it is not cleaned regularly, the junk files, as well as the temporary Internet files, will cause your PC to go through wasteful and unnecessary processing which slows down other operations. The more the free space, the faster your PC’s speed. That is why it is recommended you always use some good PC cleaning software to maintain your computer’s efficiency.